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SAFE Seek & Find Experts

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Bed Bug Detection Services Serving Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

Chance of bed begs?

SAFE accurately determines the presence of bed bugs through canine scent detection.
Seek And Find Experts (SAFE) offers canine scent detection services for the prevention and detection of bed bugs.  One of the best methods known for detecting bed bugs, our Dogs have been detecting bed bugs since 2013.   

The Dogs we employ are hypoallergenic and certified.  They are able to identify the presence of bed bugs within the home and determine which specific areas are affected.

While K-9 detection units are not required to be certified, we choose to be held to the highest industry standards, with certification from both the North American Canine Pest Inspectors (NACPI) and the World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO).  These are certifications we take seriously, so much so that our primary handler is the Vice President of the WDDO.

SAFE does not provide elimination services, however we can recommend you to a certified elimination expert.
How We Help Our Clients
1 - Bed bug detection
Bed bug detection through canine scent detection
2 - Identify bed bugs
Identify the presence of bed bugs within a specific area
3 - Hypoallergenic Dogs
All dogs are hypoallergenic and certified
4 - No Elimination Services
We do not provide elimination services
SAFE provides a proactive approach to prevention, ultimately saving you money.

Why SAFE is the right choice for bed bug detection

SAFE reason 1
Verified Reports / confirmation of bed bugs
SAFE reason 2
Our only goal is to determine whether or not bed bugs are present
SAFE reason 3
Precise detection of bed bugs so only affected areas are treated (saving you money)
SAFE reason 4
Education & compassion so you feel comfortable and understand the process
SAFE reason 5
SAFE is fully certified for canine scent bed bug detection
SAFE reason 6
Fast turnaround time  (We return all messages within 24 hours)
What our clients are saying
J. Bouwman: "Seek and Find put me at ease during a stressful situation through great communication, expert service, and reassurance at every stage in our relationship.

I had previously worked with another company and had such a better experience with Seek and Find.

Highly recommended."
#9, 3221 119 NW, Edmonton, AB
SAFE Seek & Find Experts
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